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Experimental Animation

"March 2, 2002"

Created 2018

In 2018, I created this animation, which I titled March 2, 2002, because it is about a vivid dream I had about 16 years ago, during the early morning of March 2, 2002. This dream was, and remains, so intense to me. I am uncertain where these images in my dream came from. Were these visions in my dream from a past life, a premonition, or just my mind being creative within my sleep? What I do know is, I have recreated the dream for you to experience for yourself.


In my dream, at first, I was confused, as I walked through a dark foreboding labyrinth. Then, I felt chilling fear when I heard an unseen voice whisper to me, “Don’t wake it…”


Then, I looked further down the corridor, and was shocked to see a large cocoon attached to a wall. I turned back to get away from it, but when I finished turning around, that same cocoon appeared right in front of me!


This cocoon resembled an amniotic sac. Inside that cocoon, I saw a creature that had feathered wings colored gold, red, and blue. As I watched this eerie angel-like creature, its wings began to flutter, seeming to be on the verge of waking… and then I woke up.

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